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    Windows 98SE User lockeout problem


    by sarahl ·

    We have a problem with one user’s account that gets locked out sometimes for no reason. The user’s OS is windows 98SE. We are running Windows NT servers and windows 2000 servers. No other windows 98SE user is having that problem. The lockout happenssometimes when the user tries to open his shared folder on the File server (windows 2000) he gets access denied.Lockout events will occur on the File server but not on the PDC(Windows NT). We tried everything from changing the username, replacing network card, to replacing the ethernet connection. Please Help

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      Windows 98SE User lockeout problem

      by ann777 ·

      In reply to Windows 98SE User lockeout problem

      Delete username.pwl from his local computer.

      Go to your server and disable his account and then recreate a new one, but do not copy from this account.

      If you have an exchange server, you should not have to give him a new account there… just make sure it links properly to his new nt/2000 server account. Make sure that his share on the server is setup correctly and then ask him to login with his new account and password.

      Sometimes what happens is that the users password gets corrupt on the local machine, user replaces his password file and relogs in. Everything appears the same, but on the server side there’s a different number associated with the user/password combination. The account gets locked out time-after-time. Makesure the pwl file gets updated on the local machine ; make sure that this user does not hit cancel at the network logon screen.

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      Windows 98SE User lockeout problem

      by opatzg9 ·

      In reply to Windows 98SE User lockeout problem

      Another thing to check is corrupted files in his shared folder. If you access the folder under administator does the same lockout occur? We had a corrupt name/file on our novell server that whoever tried to do anything with it crashed. We had to rename the directory, make a new shared directory for him and deltree the old directory in order to cure it.

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