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Windows 9x and 2000 Network Access

By BC3 Technologies ·
I've got a network (TCP/IP) set up mostly with Windows 9x computers. Recently I upgraded a couple of the larger machines to Windows 2000 Professional. In doing this, I had to re-share the directories that were previously shared and am now facing a problem. When a Windows 9x computer tries to even view the shares listed under one of the Win2k computers, A prompt for password entry box appears, claiming a password is needed for the "\\COMPUTERNAME\IPC$" share. I've never seen this share, nor set it up. On the other Win2k machine, when trying to access the other Win2k machine, a prompt appears to access "\\COMPUTERNAME\" with both a user name and password entry field.

How can i make Win2kPro have anonymous network access to the shares thatwere previously shared (not needing a password or prompt of any sort) under Windows 9x??????


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Windows 9x and 2000 Network Access

by savatovic In reply to Windows 9x and 2000 Netwo ...

Trz to enable guest account.

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Windows 9x and 2000 Network Access

by savatovic In reply to Windows 9x and 2000 Netwo ...

Try to enable guest account.

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by dennis In reply to Windows 9x and 2000 Netwo ...

The IPC$ is an internal share that NT or 2K uses and it is not for attaching to a PC with. You have make a specific share \\computername\temp, Then map a drive to it from the Win95 PC. You will also have to set permissions on the directory share in properties. You can set to everyone or specific users by user network ID.

Hope this helps. Dennis

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Things 2 Check.

by donq In reply to Windows 9x and 2000 Netwo ...

I'm not sure I understand your question so I'll explain what I think your environment may be seeing?

It sounds as though you have a LAN/WAN of Win95 and Win98 machines running a mixture of Office Professional 95 and/or 98 and Office Pro. 2000?If this is so there could be many problems:
1: Office 2000 looks (always) into the "system" security file for an "Admin" or "Administrator" user (assuming everything is unsecured in all your stuff). I believe Access 95 and 98 looked for a different name (Admin instead of Administrator or visa-versa) in the same file so you may need to add the necessary user to the machines running 2K.

2: If your .mdb server files are older than Access 97 they MUST be converted before they can be seen by Access 2000 which uses the version 7 jet engine.

Regretfully one invites many problems attempting to mix and match many versions of Access due to the magnitude of their upgraded word size, data type and functionality additions.

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w2k machines and access to them from w95

by antony_k In reply to Windows 9x and 2000 Netwo ...

Hi Brandon,

If your computers aren't in NT-domain but in workgroup, then I think you need to change permissions on these shares under w2k for Everyone group. Besides check that w2k computers are participated to the same workgroup as w95 machines.


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