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Windows Activation Key

By hcetrepus ·
Have you seen this code before ? its an Xp activation key that was found on a ghost image here at school

{Key removed}

We ghosted a lab this morning and had trouble with activation. The above key kept coming up, and we were like ... wth? I googled it and it returned a site that is now defunct.. How interesting. But how in the world did it ever end up on MY ghost image? We still are unable to activate the machines and MS wants us calling them. AHHH!

Not much I found googling... a couple more offerings on yahoo...

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by Choppit In reply to Windows Activation Key

No, I haven't seen that code before and I don't know how it found its way onto your ghost image.

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Bad idea posting the key

by stress junkie In reply to Windows Activation Key

I think you should edit your post and remove the key. I don't see any point in posting it here and it may be illegal, even if it doesn't work.

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by hcetrepus In reply to Bad idea posting the key

Agreed, it wasn't wisdom posting the key, ours or not. The point was that it turned up on several crack sites, and wasnt one of our own.

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A Scenario

by TheChas In reply to Windows Activation Key

Here is a possible scenario of what could have happened:

When you created your ghost image, the key on your image was indeed the actual product key for the system used as the image master.

In the interim, someone who had access to any of the computers set up from the original ghost image found the key and posted it at the crack site.

When Microsoft found the key on the crack site, or being used on multiple systems, the key was added to the list of bad keys.

Perhaps the first lesson for new students needs to be on the problems of software piracy.

Then, you need to look into group policy settings and lock down your PCs as tightly as possible.


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by hcetrepus In reply to A Scenario

Thanks to all who took a second to to respond.

Again, this key wasnt one of our own, and something I forgot to mention, was the crack sites all listed this key as having been posted 2+ years before these machines were even built.

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