Windows Activation

By siddiqui_1985 ·
Hello Everyone!

first of all i want you all know that i live in Pakistan and in Pakistan mostly peoples using a "PIRATED" Windows Softwares. i'm also using it.
Well i the windows xp cd i'm using i accidently find it's original CD key by using "Magical jelly bean key finer". I reinstall windows with this product key and one time it says my windows is geniun. But somehow my windows Crash, and when i reinstall it and install windows geniun advantage software, it says "My Windows copy is not geniun"
now please help what sgould i do.

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Well as you have said that it is a Pirate Copy

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows Activation

You should expect that M$ Anti Piracy Technology will eventually pickup the fact.

The problem is that WGA is a Ongoing concern that is constantly updated every month so once M$ Release a WGA Patch which reports the fact that you do not have a Genuine Copy of Windows it's going to continue to do so ever more even if you wipe the HDD and reinstall the OS. The moment that you apply the M$ Patches it will return the Not Genuine Notice. Even if you have reinstalled the OS and not activated it you will get this notice but it goes away when you Activate so if you have not activated and the Product Wants you to you should Activate it.

As to what you can do well you could buy a Genuine Copy of Windows or use something else. Or find a way to remove WGA.


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Thanks a lot sir

by siddiqui_1985 In reply to Well as you have said tha ...

Thanks a lot friend. But as you said try to activate my copy. i used that product key which i mention before using Magical jelly bean key finder. I tried myself but it said my product key is unauthorized and it didnt updated.
And one more thing sir, I wanted to upgrade my P3 to P4. Does x86 based pc support 64 Bit Windows XP ?

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Yes. MS knows it is a bad key now.

by seanferd In reply to Thanks a lot sir

Won't work again.

You can only upgrade to processors for which you have the slot/socket/LGA, so check your system/motherboard documentation. You'll need to stick with x86.

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RE: Does x86 based pc support 64 Bit Windows XP ?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks a lot sir

No you need a M'Board and CPU designed to work with 64 Bit OS. In other words the System needs to be 64 Bit to begin with.

Unless the CPU has the EMT Intel Code it can not run 64 Bit Applications of any type.

If the Product is not accepted it is either incorrectly entered or you wrote it down wrong. In every case that I have used Magic Jellybean to find a Key it has always worked but then again I've never used Pirate Software so it may be that All Bets Are off under those conditions and because the Copy is Cracked there are some errors involved.


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Well if the On Line Activation doesn't work

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks a lot sir

There is always the Phone line Activation.

As I never use the On Line Option I'm not sure just how that works as when it was first introduced I got several False Activations where the system wasn't activated but the M$ Servers said that it was several times within a few minutes or maybe even seconds.

As for the Product Key not being Accepted on the Install if you attempt to use a Different Version of Windows the Key will not work with it. So in the event of having a XP Home Key and attempting to install XP Pro Volume License the Home Key will not be accepted by the Installer and that is where you'll end the story.

With XP at least you need the key for the Product you are using which is why M$ set the Product Key and Product Name on the COA that they supply with each Genuine Version.

That did however change with Vista where different product Keys activate different functions during the Install of the Product.


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Purchase a genuine copy.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Windows Activation

Like most of the rest of us do.

If mostly peoples in Pakistan jumped off a cliff, would you do that too?

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Maybe your best solution would be to

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Windows Activation

go to an open source OS such as Linux Ubuntu or something. There are many members of TR with experience setting up Linux (I do not have much experience with it myself).

You can get more information here...

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Using MJB to find a key in a pirated system....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Windows Activation

... won't make the key any less pirated.

If you're asking how it can be that one time it activates and says it's genuine and the next time it won't work... it's a simple matter of M$ updating their records with the most recent list of pirated keys. They just had not found you the first time you used it. Now they know where you are.

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