windows adding dc 2008 -2003 ? is this possible to do

By benmcdevitt09 ·
The root dc is on a 2003 server, im trying to add a new one with a 2008 server. I keep getting the notification to run adprep /forestprep on the server the root is on. But i cant, it cant find this, so i downloaded win server 2003 iso and mounted it and tried again and still nothing. so right now im stuck and id appreciate help...

btw i am adding this for a backup domain controller

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You may want to check settings

by markp24 In reply to windows adding dc 2008 -2 ...


You may want to disable or check the setting of the Windows 2003 server built in firewall.
also see this article for a checklist of what to look at

i hope that helps

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by benmcdevitt09 In reply to You may want to check se ...

thanks, ill check all of that right now, at the moment im downloading win server 2008 iso on it to mount and ill try using 2008's tools to do it but i guess ill find out how that works in 20 min or so...thanks again ill look at your link

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: (

by benmcdevitt09 In reply to ok..

nope didnt work...this isnt cool, i might have to migrate without a backup dc

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migrate isn't the same as adding.. so what are you trying to accomplish?

by CG IT In reply to : (

you can add a w2008 server as a domain controller to an existing Windows 2003 active directory environment.

If your trying to upgrade an existing a Windows 2003 Active Directory environment to a windows 2008 environment then you have some prep work to do.

Migration in Microsoft's terms means moving from one to another so if your trying to move from one server to another or one domain to another, there are steps and prep work you have to do, so which is it?

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by benmcdevitt09 In reply to migrate isn't the same as ...

Ultimately i am migrating the server that the domain controller root is, from w2003 to win2008, i was trying to put a backup dc or a 2nd dc which acts as the same on a diffrent computer i have win server 2008 already on, and like i said when i start the promo i get an error saying i need to run adprep when i go to the win 2003 server and run it it doesnt recognize it. I downloaded win 2008 onto it as an iso to use the promo in one of the folders it had, and a black cmd promt box flashed up and than away and i tried again and still says the same thing.

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Have you tried contacting

by markp24 In reply to : (


Have you tried contacting Microsoft support? Im not sure what they chage these days, but if you when thru that Article and it still did not help you may have an issue with somthing else that AD or the FSMO roles rely on.
I will keep looking to see if i can find an answer that will help.
I hope someone can find an answer for you, when you do find a solution please let us know.

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take the W2008 CD/DVD stick it on the W2003 server

by CG IT In reply to windows adding dc 2008 -2 ...

run addprep/domainprep, from the CD/DVD from the support/addprep folder on the CD/DVD. if it says you have to run addprep/forestprep first, then ha ha, run that, then domainprep.

See microsoft tech with keywords addprep, domain prep.

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CG has the answer

by Churdoo In reply to take the W2008 CD/DVD sti ...

On what you're calling your root DC, i.e. the 2003 server, you need to run the version of ADPREP (one 'D') supplied on the Server 2008 DVD/ISO

adprep /forestprep
adprep /domainprep

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Yep CG has the answer

by markp24 In reply to take the W2008 CD/DVD sti ...

Darn, I should have thought of that, Good Work CG IT!!

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done my share of em...first W2k to 2003 and now 2008

by CG IT In reply to Yep CG has the answer

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