windows and excel 2007 special character problem

By necris77 ·
I have a problem with my excell 2007.
I want to write the euro sign ? or the greek letter phy from the combination alt+0128 and it seems imposible in excel207, autocad 2007 and in windows XP SP2.
I have scanned for viruses - No problems found.
I mention that i have a few other computers on wich I don't have office 2007 installed and where I can write the signs with no problem.
I'm from Romania but I do not change my regional settings on either computer.
I tried unninstalling office 2007 but I still got the problem it seems that it did something to my files.
I repaired the font folder with TweakUI - nothing solved still got the problem.
In excel I tried to modifie the font when creating new workbook to Arial but it keeps changing back to Body folder.
I tried in the Style tab -> cell style to modifie the normal style but still when i create a new worksheet the font is still Calibri 11.

Please help me, it is verry frustrating not knowing what to do.

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euro special character

by jlouis45 In reply to windows and excel 2007 sp ...

Not sure how you are trying to write this symbol - can you please try the following method

In excel go to insert menu -- select symbol -- font (normal text) and subset - (currency symbols) - select EURO symbol and insert.

Hope this solves the problem.

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key combination alt 0128

by necris77 In reply to euro special character

When i Copy-paste the symbol it works perfectly but it does not work when i pres the key combination alt+0128
Even in windows when I paste it the euro sign it-s ok but when I try to write it with the key combination it wont work.
It's bad because i have to write lots of euro sign and Phy symbols an allways have to go to character map or insert symbol in excel.

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Default Character Set?

by oldbaritone In reply to windows and excel 2007 sp ...

What default character set are you using? If you want to insert these characters easily, you'll need to use a character set that contains these characters.

The "Insert Symbol" command uses an identifier that specifies the Symbol font.

If "Alt-0128" (or whatever the code may be) doesn't find the characters you want, you may not have the correct default character set chosen.

Try Alt-20AC - that's supposed to be the character code for Euro in UTF-8

For Phi try Alt +03C6 (lowercase) or Alt +03A6 (uppercase)

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