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Windows and exchange 2003 question

By nsidrak ·
I have a production Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000 network; can we start a new Windows 2003 forest and Exchange 2003 in the same network without impacting the production? How can I migrating Exchange 2000 mailboxes to the new Exchange 2003 in the new forest?

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by CG IT In reply to Windows and exchange 2003 ...

humm you can do this but the server machine names and LAN domain names have to be different. This assumes the public domain name stays the same

Example: if your W2K LAN domain name is <domain>.local your W2003 has to be <domain1>.local. The administrators account on the W2K has to be the same as the administrators account on the W2003.

Depending upon the size of the network, you can use ADMT tool to migrate users, security groups, over to the new setup. If it's a small # of users, you could just create the user accounts on the new system.

you use Ex.merge to migrate user mailboxes over.

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by nsidrak In reply to

It is two different forests, the windows 2000 is ?DOMAIN.NAME.COM? and the windows 2003 is ?XYZ.ROOT.BIZ? and the public domain name stays the same, how do you maintain both of them running at the same time until you decommission the exchange 2000 server to avoid users down time?

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by CG IT In reply to Windows and exchange 2003 ...

well, we do it. Just did it as a matter of fact and did it the way I explained it.

2 different domains [different forests]same public domain name and we moved everyone over with little problems.

If you stop and think about how your going to move over everyone over to a new setup, then plan it, it becomes pretty simply on how and when to do it. you do it at a time when users aren't going to be there wanting their mail and depending upon how many users you have, you'll have to ex.merge mail a couple of times to make sure you get most over to the new mailbox. Not everything is 100% perfect and you have to make that known upfront. Tell the users, Hey were putting in a new mailserver and you lose some of your mail.

Note: with ex.merge its best to get everyone to save email to PSTs and to clean out their mailboxes. We had 1 user with almost over 2 GB of stuff stored in his mailbox [which made the old server really slow] and it took forever to move his box over.

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by nsidrak In reply to

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by nsidrak In reply to Windows and exchange 2003 ...

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