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Windows anyone??

By baldrickx ·
Surely the biggest IT failure of all time is the Windows operating system?

Ok, from one perspective it could be argued that as it's become so popular, it's used so much throughout the world it must not be categorised as a failure.

Let's be honest, until fairly recently, we haven't really had a lot of choice about what operating systems we use on a PC. If you wanted the OS with the most apps, and you wanted compatibility with your employers systems then it has to be Windows.

Why do I categorise Windows as a failure?
Because not even to this day, despite many years of development, (possibly with the exception of Windows 7, Vista, which I never used), every other version of Windows operating system has never been able to multi-task properly!

The goal of a multi-tasking operating system is to multi-task and Windows quite simply, has never ever been able to do it.

Tell me, why oh why, when copying large files in Windows does everything lock-up?

Ever tried copying a 20GB file which takes 20 minutes? Try it, watch what happens, you can't do absolutely anything else at all with the PC whilst it's copying.

Explain that to me Mr. Bill Gates.

I ask again, what is the point of a multi-tasking operating system if it doesn't multi-task properly?

Is it really so hard to do it?

That is why I put down Windows operating systems as the biggest IT failure.

Microsoft have got away with this kind of nonsense for years because of the monopoly that exists.

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Really ?

by Oz_Media In reply to Windows anyone??

Surely the biggest IT SUCCESS of all time is the Windows operating system?

Success in yes it is the most widely used and most popular operating system in the world. 0.5% of Microsoft would make me a VERY happy and VERY successful man indeed.

However, you seem clear in that your complaint is the ability, or inability, of Windows to multitask.

I found Win2KPro on an old Thinkpad was the most rock solid and reliable OS of all, and yes it would copy files WHILE rendering audio/video, WHILE watchign a movie. I played with it one night and had three movies playing in different players and four audio tracks, ranging from heavily compressed MP3 ro a CD in the tray, ALL simultaneously WHILE playing a game of EA sports PGA Golf.

Sure it was a garbled sounding mess, but you could flip amongst screens, flip form app to app flawlessly and without ANY hiccups from any of teh open programs or files. That was With a PIII, 1,13GHz and 724MB RAM and an onboard graphics chipset and audio chipset.

In other words, I proved your misery wrong over 7 years ago.

Today I run a Vista notebook, a cheap one from a discount big box retailer. It's missing the B key and it's not even worth buying a new keyboard for!

But again, I can run multiple movies and audio tracks all in different players withotu any of them skipping beats or missing dialogue. I can run graphic rendering software while I am uploading files to my server, while sending and receiving email in the background.

Your 20GB file, well I just transferred one to test it out, actually 24GB, and it did say it would take 13 minutes, then 8, then 4, then it was done in a few minutes, now WHIEL doing that I had TR open in the background, was waiting for a new web page to upload to my server and playing music in the background.

I suppose what I am saying is, sorry, it doesn't seem to be a problem for me and i am usng a notebook that is FAR from a power PC. the Vista score is 3.8 out of 5, onboard chipsets etc.

I wonder what the problem on your end really is though. low RAM, old processor, needs a real system cleaning and optimization, but seriously, your comment holds no validity to me, as I have yet to experience the issues you spoke of.

Hey if you or comment was 'Windows sux and Linux rules', well I'd write it off as a typical fanboy's comment. But as it pertains to something that Windows actually can do and has always done for me, then I can't agree or offer it any validity.

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Perhaps you meant to comment here?

by seanferd In reply to Windows anyone??
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I have to disagree too..

by .Martin. In reply to Windows anyone??

on all of my machines (old and new): 2 vistas and 4 XPs I have been able to multitask without trouble...

sounds like something is wrong with your computer.

as for no choices, since when? linux has been around since the 90's and 'Mac OS' was around since th 80's

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