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    Windows auto lock down


    by canderson ·

    I have a Windows 2000 computer that is locking itself about every 5 minutes. I have checked the screen saver setting and it is not set with password protect, and I have gone into the power settings and it is not set to prompt for a password. This computer did have spyware on it and I have cleaned it up. when a different user logs in, it does not auto lock. I’m wondering if it is a registry setting or what, I am lost as to where to go. Please help me! Thanks

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      The profile is corrupt

      by azul ·

      In reply to Windows auto lock down

      The only solution I have found to problems similar to this is to move the data, delete the profile and create a new profile.

      However if you use the same name for the profile make sure all references to the old profile have been deleted, such as the Documents and Settings forlder or you will have a host of new problems.

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      Simple answer?

      by paul ·

      In reply to Windows auto lock down

      Check the CPU fan first. Cooling is the most likely problem.

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        He said it doesn’t happen with another user

        by stevewhitmore22 ·

        In reply to Simple answer?

        I do not know if this would help as he stated that is doesn’t happen with another user logged in.

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      Check Synchronization manager

      by phantom56 ·

      In reply to Windows auto lock down

      I had a similar problem caused by the Synchronization Manager having difficulty with accessing a remote site. You might check for runaway processes:
      Use the Task Manager to look at Processes, sorting on the CPU column to get the active processes at the top.

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