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    Windows Automatic Update?


    by theiqa ·

    Hi, great forum! We are updating our Win 98 machines to XP Pro in our office. Should I set the machines for automatic updates or should I manually do it myself on a regular basis?

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      by jdmercha ·

      In reply to Windows Automatic Update?

      If you are running standard applications you can turn it on. If you are running anything unusual, you will want to test the updates before rolling them out.

      Either way there is still a chance that the update could break something.

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        by theiqa ·

        In reply to Basically

        That is what I was worried about. If I turn off Auto Update, how do I get rid of that annoying balloon popup that keeps reminding me???

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          Not sure

          by jdmercha ·

          In reply to hmm

          I have it turned on everywhere. Maybe the message goes away eventually like the firewall message. I don’t really know.

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          auto update

          by afram ·

          In reply to Not sure

          I used to try the updates on my PC first and if everything worked ok at the end of the week, I’d go around and upgrade everyone else, but it gets too annoying so now I am turning it on for everyone.

          (Only SP6 for NT4 ever caused any trouble…SP6a fixed it).

          If you want to shut it off, you can go into properties of the “My Computer” icon and select the Automatic Updates tab and then select “turn off Automatic Updates”.

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          No – after SP 2 go here:

          by dafe2 ·

          In reply to auto update

          You’ll find this option in the control panel.

          Look for the ‘security center’ Icon. This controls Automatic Updates & Firewall settings.

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        Reply To: Windows Automatic Update?

        by choppit ·

        In reply to Basically

        How about allowing WU to download the updates without installing. That way you can install (or not) at your leisure.

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      heres a time saver

      by husp1 ·

      In reply to Windows Automatic Update?

      go to the update site click the 123 icon on the side and have microsloth send you the update disk.

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      Just the other day

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Windows Automatic Update?

      NT 2000 but.
      Auto update service comes up with critical updates. Download and install. System starts crashing and giving me one of those useless minidumps.

      Crashed three times while I was trying to find out how to read the damn thing.

      Eventually it discloses I’ve got hardware problem due to something new I’ve installed.

      Of course I haven’t installed anything new for months.

      In desperation I go back to windows update manually, and it says I need two critical patches, and a device driver update.

      Good job. I’m psychic isn’t it.

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      About Automatic Updates

      by sureshtech_aagac ·

      In reply to Windows Automatic Update?


      if u have a permanent & unlimited internet

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      About Auto Update

      by tmulva1 ·

      In reply to Windows Automatic Update?

      The majority of Microsoft updates are security related and pose little hazard to destroying functionality of corporate critical apps.

      However, there are times when a blindly applied Microsoft update will render an entire company dead in the water due to a critical app will not run.

      This is due to the structure of the Windows operating system sharing critical files with apps running on top of it.

      Additionally, individual machines, each downloading updates independantly eats up Internet bandwidth.

      Thirdly, users should not be working on a daily basis with enough rights to install updates under their local user accounts.

      Instead, local machines should be running under a non-admin user account, running a frequently auto updated antivirus app, frequently scanned/protected by an anti-spyware app, behind a locked down firewall and using Mozilla Firefox as the default browser instead of Internet Exploder.

      You cannot depend on Microsoft to protect you from the hazards of the Internet.

      Regarding Windows Updates, ideally you will run Software Update Services on one of your servers that will distribute updates, once approved by you for distibution, to your client machines.

      Before you release these updatee to the client machines you will have tested each update against you mission critical apps.

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