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    Windows BIOS


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    I created a password in the Windows BIOS, but now I want to be able to boot my laptop without inputting a password. I am not familiar enough with the BIOS menu to delete the passwords for system admin. and HDD. so that it wont make me input them on boot up. How do I do this?

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      bios troubles

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      Back up all your data, reboot PC, enter bios, remove password and restart. Just becareful as you do it. It’s simple really. Or try holding SHIFT key down as machine boots.

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      [i]Windows BIOS[/i] Sorry but there is no such thing

      by hal 9000 ·

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      You can have a BIOS Password that will need to be entered before you can make changes to the BIOS or you can have a Windows Password which will be required to be entered before you can open Windows.

      From the wording of your question it sounds like the latter. Here you need to go into your [b]Account Settings[/b] in Windows and delete the password. This generally consists of entering your old password and when asked to enter a new password leave the box blank on both the initial password and the confirmation password and then click on Accept and that will remove the Windows Password that is asked for when you first start Windows or after the computer comes off the Screen Saver.


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