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    Windows Blue screen


    by grimbo007 ·

    Hi guys,

    I have a problem that I know is down to a virus.
    I downloaded a file which I thought was a plugin for Photoshop and the file was zip format.
    I opened the zipped file and it contained an .exe file which I scanned with Mcafee, the scan came back with no problems with the file and I opened it. Then the screen went went all multicoloured and froze. I rebooted and got the blue screen of death.

    I have run the recovery tools and get no joy with startup repair or system restore.
    Windows memory reported no problems with the memory and I can view all my files in the command prompt window. I cannot start my laptop in safe mode either (BSOD)
    ERROR CODE 0x0000007E (0x0000005,0x85D98113,0x8B36B780,0x8B36B47C)

    Please can you help me to recover, need my laptop for work?

    I am using my other laptop which runs Xp so I can download files.

    The laptop I need to get working is running Vista.

    Any help please!
    Many thanks


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