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    Windows boots up on “mute”


    by tekless ·

    For some reason, my computer almost always turns on mute. The “mute” box is checked in “Sounds and Audio Devices Properties,” even though I sign of with it unchecked. And, although the box under it, “Place Volume Icon in the Taskbar” is checked, the icon doesn’t always show up.

    I am working with Windows XP; I’ve also altered the msconfig settings to keep some things from loading on startup but sound doesn’t appear to be one of them…does this setting reside somewhere, perhaps the registry?

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      by g… ·

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      One of the windows misteries…
      When changing that kind of thing you may need to restart the computer NOT turning off and start it again later. I had the problem that mine started with disable network card (just come up sometimes). I need to enable it and restart the PC right away or it “forgets” the changes.

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