Windows calendar wrong..!

By saiello ·
Hi All,
My clock was running slow so I replaced the CMOS battery, twiddled with the BIOS settings to get them back to 'normal' and I made sure the BIOS system date was set to 06/02/2008. Everything seemed ok until I went to check the date/time in Windows (XP SP2). The calendar does not give me the opportunity to set the right date, I set the month and year, but it shows the wrong date, i.e. where it should be Wednesday 6th Jan 2008, it sets to Wednesday 2nd Jan 2008, 4 days out??? There is obviously no way to set this in Windows. I've changed CMOS batteries before no problem, so what's gone wrong here, and how can I correct it? Any help greatfully received!


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What's wrong???? .......this is FEBRUARY !

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows calendar wrong..!

I think you'll find that there WAS a Wednesday that was the 2nd of January.


...Just how long has it taken you to change that battery?? :)


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by saiello In reply to What's wrong???? ....... ...

It's February?? Holy f**k, what an *ss! My head's been screwed lately (boss on my back, too many drugs!), I quickly checked the date, thought it was wrong then went onto search t'internet for possible problems. Lots of reference to BIOS corruptions, flashing needed, etc.. I'm a programmer not a hardware guy and I needed it sorted pronto..! It actually took me 2 minutes to change the battery.. ;o)

Thanks ( in shame ),

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by The Scummy One In reply to What's wrong???? ....... ...

it wasnt that it took a long time to change the battery, it was the excessive tiredness after doing such a task. Likely he slept for a month.

Hey Buddy, look in the mirror, you need to shave... LOL

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by saiello In reply to Ahhh

How could you possibly know that! Are you spying on me through my computer screen..?? ;o)

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Tip No 1 for a really good, much-needed shave ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to :oP

Throw that drug-riddled boss off your back first!

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by saiello In reply to Tip No 1 for a really goo ...

Yes, confiscate his drugs, then he might do us all a favour and chuck his useless *ss out the window..! XD

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What?? Spying??

by The Scummy One In reply to :oP

I may be scum but that is really low on the scum scale! Just dont keep your webcam on -- I mean - No, no spying!!!

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