Windows cannot find excel files downloaded from the internet

By hanabanana ·
When Excel files (both .xls and .xlsx) files are downoaded from the internet (google) the windows on this Vista 64 bit machine says cannot find the file, even though there is a long chain and location listed. Anyone know how to get windows to recognize the downloaded files? Doesn't happen with word files, only excel. The temp files are not accessible,even though on the C drive, and do not show up on file search either. The Office Suite repair tool did not fix this either.

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i don't want to sound silly but

by PurpleSkys In reply to Windows cannot find excel ...

you're sure Excel is installed on that PC? Yes, you may have office installed, but was that particular component installed? I've don't custom installs where I can leave out components ie: excel, word, access ,etc.

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Also some versions of Office

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to i don't want to sound sil ...

Don't have Excel in them the very low end versions are really just a Word Processor and not much else.


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too true

by PurpleSkys In reply to Also some versions of Off ...

i ran into that here at the college...some students were told to purchase the home and office version. That's all well and good if you don't need things like Access and a few other goodies; a fe of my classmates got burnt on that one

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Try saving them to a different location

by EdLockett In reply to Windows cannot find excel ...

Instead of opening the files directly from the web, right-click on them and choose 'save target as...' or similar option. Save them into a sensible place where you can find them.

You should then be able to open them in Excel by double-clicking on them. Another possibility would be to load Excel and then use the 'Open' command within Excel to find the file you need.

Hope this helps, good luck..

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