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windows cannot find rundll32.exe

By marcus.couper ·
When i try to change the display settings or access the control panel i get an error message saying it cannot locate rundll32.exe
my operating system is win98. What do i do?

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by AmberHaze In reply to windows cannot find rundl ...

use the search tool to see if the rundll32.exe is actually present on your system somewhere or missing.

If it is missing, I would go to your original CD and install re-install it from the CAB files. otherwise if it is just mis-located, move it back to your windows folder. (off hand, I don't remember if it should be in the base windows or in the system folder on 98, but either should work since they are both on the native path in 98.

Now as to why is it missing? Thare are literally dozens of possible reasons which include but are not restricted to, user mis-handling, virus or trojan action, AV or anti-spyware action, hard drive failure, power supply problems, and many many other possibilities.

Good Luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to windows cannot find rundl ...

That particular file should be in the Windows Folder so have a look there to see if it actually exists there. If it does the most likely thing to have happened is that it has become corrupted. On a system here it is 24K in size so it might be worth while checking out the size if it's still there.

No matter what you can restore it by running SFC from the Command Prompt but you'll need your Install/Recovery CD to work from.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to windows cannot find rundl ...

as others mentioned, i've had good luck just 'pointing' the installer to the c:\windows folder for files it wants. if no joy, point it to the c:\windows\system folder
or whereever you locate the file (do believe it is in system)

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by pierrejamme In reply to windows cannot find rundl ...

Even in Windows 98 you can extract a single file. Just do a file Run and type: SFC. Program should open and allow you to check the voracity of all your files or extract a single file to it's recommended folder. In fact after you type rundll32.exe in the file extract location it will probably default to the correct location to extract it to.
good Luck,

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