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windows cannot read a partition

By amiable.abhi ·
while i booted my system windows asked me to check file system on D drive,i was surprised as i shut down the system perfectly last time but still when i allowed to chek it was showing messege "lost link at cluster 12345 corrected " and the counting went beyond 1,50,000 taking about 1 hour. i just stopped this and restarted system this time not checking drive.and after log on the label of d: drive was changed and windows was not reading anything from that drive and showing strange fonts in the name of folders and files .my disk space which had a free space of approx 13 GB was shwing only free space of 100 MB showing warning messege of low disk space.
how can i fix the problem?

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by DouglasB In reply to windows cannot read a par ...

Sounds like there is a problem with the hard drive where your D partition is located. Windows is trying to fix the problem, saving bad files to new names, thus taking up more disk space. If you are seeing garbage when you look at the partition it is probably useless. You might need to reformat the partion within Windows, that will check for errors, if any, and recover what it can.

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by d'solve IT In reply to windows cannot read a par ...


Douglas's answer is correct - your 'D' Drive has bad sectors and lost clusters. I'd recommend you to delete this partition and recreate it. Try and recover your data before repartitioning and reformat.

If this partition is on another hard drive (other than your boot drive), I'd also recommend you to consider replacing it, if scandisk (pre win2k OS) or chkdsk reports errors even after repartition and reformat. If you are on win2K or XP, consider using NTFS as the file system.

Good Luck

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by Blackcurrant In reply to windows cannot read a par ...


Also, next time don't interrupt any disk checking processes. These really get 'under the skin' of the drive, and stopping them prematurely or forcing a reboot will nearly always result in major problems.

Good luck (next time)

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by NBP Backup In reply to windows cannot read a par ...

If you're interested in retrieving your data, it can be done, even with a hosed partition.

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