Windows Can't See New Harddrive

By TJNash09 ·
I just put in a 1.0TB Samsung drive.
I have two other drives that are in RAID 0.

The BIOS sees the drive, windows install sees the drive. When I installed windows on the new drive that installation sees the RAID stripe but when I'm on my normal installation the drive is not there. It's not in the device manager or storage manager.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Not a clue if that is of any use to you

by OH Smeg In reply to Windows Can't See New Har ...

But mainly because I don't understand what you are trying to say here.

I get the bit that you have a RAID and have installed a new HDD and you can see this drive in BIOS but you lost me with the bit about installing Windows on to the new drive and your normal installation.

I'm assuming that you are trying to see the SATA Drive which I assume is the New one from within some from of Windows loaded onto the RAID is that correct?

If it is you need to add the SATA Driver for your M'Board and the version of Windows you are using. So if you have a ASUS M'Board and are using Vista you need to get the SATA Driver from ASUS For your M'Board and Vista.

If that's not what you are saying here post back with what the problem is and someone here will try to help you.


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