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Windows CE Multiple Rollout

By Ian Wall ·
At the company I work for, we have 25+ CE Devices (HP Jornada 820). Every school holidays we have to review each device and set them up from scratch.

Through ActiveSync 3.5 I can take a full back up of a Jornada, and restore it. I want to set one device up, then using the backup/restore routine, restore to another device and rename it. Much like Symantec Ghost and taking an image.

When I try this it tells me that the device I am restoring to is not the same one as the Original Source Device. This leads me to believe that there is some form of SIDs on the Jornada 820. Is this so? Can I get around it?

If I could do a restore, it would save me up to 3 working days every school term. Plus our wonderful users have a tendency to change every setting on the devices which is always heaps of fun to fix.

Also as far as I know there is no way to lock down a CE device. Is there anyone out there who knows any different?

Any advice appreciated.
Ian Wall

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