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    windows clients can’t connect to internet


    by jkolatch ·

    Several XP and Windows 98 clients with private (ie 10…) addressing on a Microsoft network suddenly could not connect (or ping) to internet. They could connect to other clients within the network. The machines had no ip conflicting addresses, had up-to-date spybot and symantec anti-virus – scanned hard drives with both and they were clean. Also, ran a winsock fix program with no effect.

    Computers connect through a Cisco pix firewall – flushing the arp table had no effect.

    But when I changed the ip address the machines could connect to internet. However, I cannot use original ip addresses.

    Any ideas on what’s going on and how I can correct this situation?

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      Try this,

      by jtakiwi ·

      In reply to windows clients can’t connect to internet

      Check this first:

      at the # type “Show local-host” without the quotes, you should see something like this:

      XX active, XX maximum active, XX denied

      To clear the local host cache, use this: “clear local-host” without the quotes. SHould do the trick.

      This happens when you have more devices accessing the internet thatn avaialble licenses on the pix (say you have a 10 user PIX 501, but you have 20 people using the internet behind it, some won’t get out. Also, scanning that network w/ a security analyzer, or even pc anywhere broadcast can take up all of those avaialble sessions to the internet. Good luck

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