Windows clock keeps changing

By thedevious27 ·
Every time I reboot my PC the windows clock 'year' keeps going back by a year.

So if it shows 2010 after a reboot goes to 2009 another reboot 2008 etc. etc.


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2 things to check

by TobiF In reply to Windows clock keeps chang ...

I'd check the cmos backup battery, but, most of all, I'd search for malware all over the system.

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You can start with the easy things

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows clock keeps chang ...

If these are not already loaded load these and update as required

Malware Bytes

Spy Bot S&amp

After these are updated reboot the system and start in Safe Mode and scan the system. If anything is found remove it and rescan. If it shows up again try a different scanner. If you find new infections remove and rescan till that scanner comes up clean.

When you have cleaned up everything with the first scanner try the second one and continue the process the same as the one above till the system is either clean or there is something that can not be removed.

If you find something that you can not remove post back with the report.

As a Worst Case Scenario you may be required to use a Boot Disc to run the scans which can be better but it can also break things easier.


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