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Windows Cluster fails

By dlacal ·
I've got a cluster with 2 IBM servers and a SCSI disk storage connected to both servers. This servers are W2000 Advanced Server with SP4 installed, and SQL Server 2000.It has 2 disks (RAID 0) for data and 2 disks (RAID 0) for Quorum.
Since I've installed this cluster it fails. Each 15 days appears error disks that can ve solved running a chkdsk over the disks, data and quorum are corrupted. IBM has checked all the configuration and connections and the hardware seems to be right.
does anybody has seen or knows something about it? I'm desperate because I haven't found anything about this.

Many thanks

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did I read that right?

by Jaqui In reply to Windows Cluster fails

you are trying to run a windows cluster?

don't you know that this year MS will start working on adding cluster functionality to windows?

your issue is windows itself is not capable of running in a cluster environment. it's not designed for it.

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Exact Error Messages

by BFilmFan In reply to Windows Cluster fails

What error messages are appearing in the event logs?

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MS articles

by Cactus Pete In reply to Windows Cluster fails

Check 872790 and 895090.

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A few questions....

by lsmith1989 In reply to Windows Cluster fails

I know this is a really stupid basic question and please dont be offended but I ask only because I need more info.

Are you setting up the cluster in the proper order? (i.e. Turn off node 2, turn on node 1, write disk signatures,format, and label disks using disk administrator, join first node to domain, run cluster administrator and create a new cluster using Node1 as the first node, turn on second node, add second node to cluster, fail cluster group over, then fail other groups that contain your SQL resources over)

Based on the info in your original post, it seems as though the Cluster Service is not locking the drives properly.

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A few questions ...

by dlacal In reply to A few questions....

Thanks lsmith1989 for your reply, I think that the disks are locking the drives because when I open the ServeRaid Manager in the pasive node the disks appears as defunct, and in the active node appears as right disks. So it's impossible that both nodes are accessing disks at the same time.

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Have you checked out the 2 KB Articles that a member suggested above?

by lsmith1989 In reply to A few questions ...

Have you checked out the 2 KB Articles that a member suggested above to see if it applies to you?

Also, anything show up in Event Viewer? How about in the Cluster Administrator tool? Anything out of place? Do you have any other SCSI devices on any of those 2 cluster nodes?



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