Windows could not startmissing or corrupt windows xp system32 config system

By simpleton37 ·
Hello TR!

I have a serious problem and here it is. When I turn-on my PC. this message appears, "Windows could not start missing or corrupt windows xp system32 config system" and the problem is I don't have a CD ROM (external CD Drive only).. I have a very important file on my PC that I want to have a copy of it before fixing my computer.

I would really appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance..

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Well if you have the ability to boot from a USB Thumb Drive

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows could not startmi ...

The most obvious thing is to boot a Live Linux and copy the file that you require.

Supposing that this is of course a XP Grade system and not the newest Hardware that has been back loaded with XP. If it's new Hardware you may have the Safe Boot Option and the associated crap that could brick the unit.

For a Live Linux you can look here

http://livecdlist .com/
remember to remove the space from between livelinuxcd and the .com for a working link.

Or you could try your local Newsagent for a Linux Mag with a Cover Disc containing a Live Linux.


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Reponse To Answer

by simpleton37 In reply to Well if you have the abil ...

I don't know how to use Linux O.S. Sir and my file is too big for a flash drive storage.

Is there any other way?

Thanks for your concern.

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Slave HDD.

by erenismoh In reply to Windows could not startmi ...

Hi Simpleton,

You may try slaving your Hard disk drive in to other PC, try to connect it
and just be sure that the "Primary" booting device is in the running PC.

now if it still bugss you lemme know.


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Reponse To Answer

by simpleton37 In reply to Slave HDD.

Hi Slave,

I don't have any other PC. Is it safe with regards to my files in drive C and D if I "Press" "R" to "REPAIR" my computer after inserting my Windows xp installer? That is the command in my computer that shows on how to fix my PC. Is there any other way if that plan is not safe?

Thank you very much for your effort.

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by erenismoh In reply to Windows could not startmi ...

i can't reply on our discussion.

i assume you already told that you don't have CD/DVD ROOM,

but Repairing is one of the safest method of repairing the System32.

but it doesn't give 100% assurance that it might re install the System32

some of the instances it will be 50/50 weather it will be repaired or not.

Here's the Steps on how to Repair:

1. put the Installer Run it as 1st booting device.

2. After checking the Existing O.S which is your OS who has your System32.

3. you will be given to choose from [R - repair , F8 - windows agreement]
3.1. choose F8 then just follow or choose "i agree".

4. it is the time you will encounter again the R- repair now press it.

5. just wait for the repairing to finish.

take note it is 50/50 option ok?

but the best way to back up your files is what i told you earlier with the
"Slave thing"


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Reponse To Answer

by gechurch In reply to Simpleton

A repair install is an excellent way of fixing a Windows XP installation under all sorts of circumstances. Unfortunetely it cannot fix this issue. The missing file is a registry file, and this needs to be in-tact to do a repair install since all of your settings will be retained.

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Boot USB's

by owenbau In reply to Windows could not startmi ...

Couple of things

1. You can buy 32GB and 64GB USB keys - your file should fit on one of these?

2. There are a number of really useful linux tools out there like:

www.hiren.info and www.ultimatebootcd.com

They can often fix problems including
They can even run windows under linux so you could either connect your external CD and burn a copy of the file or copy back onto the very large USB key.

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How to get Windows booting again

by gechurch In reply to Windows could not startmi ...

Others have already covered this, but options for recovering the file are:
* Buy a large USB stick and install some sort of live OS onto it, then boot from that and copy the file
* Buy a USB CD/DVD drive (and boot off one of the live OS discs and copy the file to a USB stick)
* Buy a USB-to-SATA cable. Open your computer case and pull out the hard drive. Plug in the power, and plug the SATA cable into your new adapter. You then plug the USB end into any computer and it will detect your hard drive and let you read the files. (That is, it turns your hard drive into a portable one).
* Take your PC to a local computer store and ask them to recover it for you.

If you're interested in fixing the problem, that's not much harder. It is caused by a corrupt registry file (in your case C:\Windows\System32\config\system). If you have System Restore turned on (it's on by default), then a backup of this file is made every time your computer creates a restore point. The easiest way to recover is to download a trial of the Microsoft Diagnosic and Repair Toolkit (MS DaRT) for Windows XP. Boot off that (again, you either need a USB stick or external CD drive). It has a registry restore wizard which will let you take a backup of the registry from any of the restore points and copy it in place over the corrupt file(s) in C:\Windows\System32\config\. Your computer should boot again once you've done this. Note that you will then need to get to the bottom of why the corruption happened. Your first step is to run chkdsk, because the most likely candidate is a failing hard drive.

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