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    Windows Critical Error after User Profile Recreation

    by ellesig17 ·



    I needed to do a User Profile Recreation in a network that uses Active Directory and a domain.
    I have done it in the past without no issues.

    I’ve followed these steps:

    1. Reboot the computer to release any locks on the profile.
    2. Log on with an administrative account.
    3. Navigate to the C:\Users\ folder
    4. Rename the user profile with the word “.old” at the end of it. Example: “username” becomes “username.old”
    5. Delete these two registry keys for that user: Open regedit.exe and navigate to:
    In the “Profile Image Path” value. Find the key that lists the user name. Note the last four digits of the value. Then delete it.
    Then navigate to:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\ProfileGuid
    Find and delete the key with the four digits from the last step.
    6. Reboot the computer again.
    7. Login with the users credentials.
    8. Transfer data from the user’s old profile (username-old), into the user new profile (username) one folder at a time.

    Unfortunately, I did it recently, and after I logged back with the user account that was re-created, I had a:
    “CRITICAL ERROR: Your Start menu isn’t working. We will try to fix it the next time you sign in”.
    So far this has happened for two different users, in two different computers.

    These computers are running Windows 10 v2004.

    Please help. Any ideas, possible solutions, or options to try will be more than welcome.

    Thank you!

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