Windows DEP

By mikeadams1137 ·
Windows Date Execution Prevention..included with SP2.

This has GOT to go...I know enough to avoid viruses / malicious scripts does more harm then good, not recognizing what it is working with it.

Does anyone know how to KILL IT?

Thanks in advance

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to Windows DEP

DEP configuration for the system is controlled through switches in the Boot.ini file. DEP can be configured by using the System dialog box in Control Panel.

The Boot.ini file settings are as follows: /noexecute= policy_level Note policy_level is defined as AlwaysOn, AlwaysOff, OptIn, or OptOut.

OptIn: This setting is the default configuration for Windows XP. On systems with processors that can implement hardware-enforced DEP, DEP is enabled by default for limited system binaries and programs that "opt-in." With this option, only Windows system binaries are covered by DEP by default.

OptOut: This setting is the default configuration for Windows 2003 SP1. DEP is enabled by default for all processes. A list of specific programs that should not have DEP applied can be entered using the System dialog box in Control Panel. Network administrators can use the Application Compatibility Toolkit to "opt-out" one or more programs from DEP protection. System compatibility fixes, or shims, for DEP do take effect. Also note that Windows silently disables DEP for certain executables, such as those packaged with ASPack. [2]

AlwaysOn: This setting provides full DEP coverage for the whole system. All processes always run with DEP applied. The exceptions list to exempt specific programs from DEP protection is not available. System compatibility fixes for DEP do not take effect. Programs that have been opted-out by using the Application Compatibility Toolkit run with DEP applied.

AlwaysOff: This setting does not provide any DEP coverage for any part of the system, regardless of hardware DEP support.

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