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Windows/Desktop Project Management Software

By etackie ·

I am searching for a Project Management software solution for my IT department. The ideal software application will:

1. Integrate with MS Project (import and export project plans).
2. Provide workflow management - plan/do/check/act. Sections to capture requirements management, use cases, etc..
3. Allow for the tracking issues/bugs/tasks associated with a project
4. Include a ticket system for end-users to submit bug reports
5. SQL database
6. Collaboration tools between manager and developer.
7. Project portfolio module

One solution I am looking at is called OnTime -

I'm very interested to hear what solution you are using and/or what you suggest.


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Right choice

by mikeramm In reply to Windows/Desktop Project M ...

I think OnTime is the best choice for the requirements you have defined. I use it for a year and a half and I like it very much.
Yes, there are still many ways to improve it but I believe the guys at AxoSoft are working hard towards making it one of the best PM tools.

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Try Latitude

by James512 In reply to Windows/Desktop Project M ...

Latitude can be the software package you are looking for. Aside from those features you defined you can ask its vendors to ask for more features and customizations. Of course that's an additional payment but I think it's worth it. I think Latitude would be one of the best <a href="">desktop project management software</a> packages.

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Try OnePMO

by Isabelle2010 In reply to Windows/Desktop Project M ...

OnePMO can definitely meets PMs requirements in terms of scheduling projects and resources. There is an automatic scheduling engine that automatically levels resources. No more over-utilization of resources =)
You can check it here:

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Zombie alert!

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Try OnePMO

If the OP has not found the answer in 5 years, I doubt they are still looking!

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by Isabelle2010 In reply to Zombie alert!

Indeed, I didn't see the date >_<

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