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Windows does not boot in any mode

By gadfly21 ·
I have a Dell desktop running XP. It does not boot at all - I keep getting the startup screen no matter what option I choose - normal, safe mode, last good startup, etc. I tried a repair using the XP CD but that did not fix the problem either. My guess is that its a virus thats causing this to happen. I am at my wit's end. Please help!

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Sounds more like a Hardware problem here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows does not boot in ...

Since you have access tot he Internet you can download the Ultimate Boot CD available free here

Download the ISO File on the above page and burn to a CD and then insert it into your Optical Drive in the Dell and boot off that.

Test the HDD, RAM and CPU for starters and see what if any errors you get.


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Here's something else

by gadfly21 In reply to Sounds more like a Hardwa ...

I tried a FIXMBR from the recovery console and when I restarted the system I got a screen with the following 5 items:
Collecting Info, Dynamic Validation, Preparing Installation, Installing Windows, Finalizing Installation. Is that OK? Or will it overwrite the current XP installation and wipe out all my apps?

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RE: I tried a repair using the XP CD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Here's something else

Depends on what you did here with the XP CD and what Type of CD it was. If it was a Dell Recovery Disc then that is overwriting the entire HDD and the existing OS and most likely making your Data & Settings not to mention previously installed Software unaccessible.

If it was a M$ Branded Install Disc and you used Method 2: Repair install of Windows XP by starting your computer from the Windows XP CD then no it's not going to overwrite your Existing OS and Installed Software and Data. It is repairing the existing OS though it will not include any Service Packs and Hot Fixes released after your XP CD was made.

The process going on is finishing whatever you started when you attempted to Repair using the XP CD.


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I have a Dell XP CD

by gadfly21 In reply to RE: [i]I tried a repair u ...

I am using the Dell XP CD that came with the desktop. Dont have any other unfortunately. I ran Dell Diagnostics last night - all tests passed so no issue with the hardware. But the OS seems to have gone for a toss. Well, I aborted that process that I was alluding to a few times - not it doesn't go there. What is currently manifest is startup happening in an endless loop - no blue screen any more; it just isn't doing anything.

Any thots on trying a fixmbr, fixboot, copy ntldr & ntdetect, followed by a bootcfg / rebuild?

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Well depending on just how far the Install has gone

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I have a Dell XP CD

You can rip the drive out of the Dell and add it as a Slave drive to another Computer that you are using and see if your Data is still there.

If the Dell Recovery Disc did a Format of the Drive though there is going to be nothing left.

If you don't want to remove the HDD you can stick a Live Linux into the Optical Drive and boot off that then if the Data is still there back it up. You can get a Live Nix either from a Linux Mag Cover CD or download one of the many from here

From my understanding of the Windows Installer once it starts it finishes you can not stop it it need to finish the Install. If it doesn't finish the Install there is a Hardware problem. Also the Dell Diagnostics are not very reliable. They are OK for Dell Warranty Tests and RMA Decisions but if you want to test your Hardware you need to use something better.


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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Here's something else

Tried CHKDSK /R?

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Yes I tried Chkdsk

by gadfly21 In reply to CHKDSK /R

I did Chkdsk /r several times - it came saying more than one errors had been fixed each time. But that did not resolve the issue at all.

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by Strayer In reply to Yes I tried Chkdsk

It seems that the os is not going to work at all. You can buy a XP install disk or if you want, burn an Ubuntu 10.04 live CD and install that. The Ubuntu default install takes 18 minutes. You would have to do the updates, but at least you'd have an os, Open Office, Firefox and a lot of other apps.

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