Windows does not recognize USB flash drive

By clairienz ·
My USB flash drive is not working when I plug it in. It appears that Windows recognized the device because it can be found in the Explorer window, but if I want to create a folder or file on the USB flash drive I receive the following message:
"Could not find this item
This is no longer located in <%3 NULL:OpText>. Verify the items location and try again."
Also the files which are copied on to the USB flash drive are not visible in Explorer and looks like the drive is empty.

I want to emphasize that the same USB flash disk (Kingston) is working perfectly under Windows XP operating system on other computer so it can not be a problem with the device. Also the same issue appears when using another USB flash drive (other manufacturer).

Thank you!

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have you tried using

by Sue T In reply to Windows does not recogniz ...

a different usb port on the computer? what format is the computer and what format is the flash drive(s), fat, fat32, etc.

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Also what OS is involved on the computer that can not read the Device?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows does not recogniz ...

OS's like OSX may not necessarily support NTFS Partition Types or even FAT32 though the latter is more likely to be supported.

Also if the USB Device is a bit old it may have a Incompatible Partition Table on it even under Windows. The answer if that is the case is to save the data on the XP system and then format it on the system that can not use the device, then using the XP system write the data back to the device.

Quite often old Partition Types will not be readable under Vista or 7 if the Original Partition was created with one of the early XP Partitioning Tools.


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