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      Re: Nvme m.2 disk

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Windows don’t recognize my Nvme m.2

      That’s a misleading subject. Your third link shows that the BIOS doesn’t see it. And that means, of course, that no OS (either Windows or Linux) can see it.

      So the better subject line would have been “BIOS doesn’t recognise Nvme M.2 disk” in stead of . “Windows doesn’t recognise Nvme M.2 disk” .
      That’s either a hardware problem (motherboard or disk) or a settings issue (BIOS).

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        Solved The Problem

        by yuribusson ·

        In reply to Re: Nvme m.2 disk

        I have news, so like i said i have 2 installed and i was pretty shure the one who was on the NVME m2 entry was broken, but not certain, i unplugged her and just tried with the newest on this entry, it worked, thanks for your time.

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