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Windows Easy Transfer Wizard - Vista. What a useless peice of &$&^

By 1bn0 ·
Windows Easy Transfer Wizard - Vista. What a useless peice of &$&^

Your files are from an old version of the wixard. Only files will be copied to C:\OLDFILES ??? Settings will not be transfered.

Tranfering from XPHome to Vista Home Prmemium.

What a waste of my time.

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Easy Solution

by The Scummy One In reply to Windows Easy Transfer Wiz ...

Burn the Vista cd and destroy the now corrupted hard drive that had Vista on it! It is now a cr@ppy HDD that has no possibility of ever being uncorrupted again. Then get a Linux distro and a new HDD, and start anew -- Wow, Vista probs solved :)

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I think you have to use the Vista version

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Windows Easy Transfer Wiz ...

I'm speculating based past experience, but I think you have to run the Vista version of the tool on your XP system. Check the help files on the Vista version of the app for how to run it on another system.

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I Agree it is yet another money making trick by MS.

by shaft_m In reply to Windows Easy Transfer Wiz ...

I sent the information below to MS and they say go to the OEM you bought it from so I went to HP and they say that I have to pay to get the 10 GB Factory image on two DVD?s

My System.

HP Old PC running as follows.

Drive C: Windows ME on original Seagate 100GBdrive
Drive Windows XP SP3 on add on Maxtor 450GB drive

I buy a new HP PC it comes preinstalled Windows Vista Home Premium on C drive 455GB and Partitioned drive 10GB containing Factory IMAGE.

Using the "Windows Easy Transfer" using migwiz. ? to migrate files and settings from my XP SP3 to my new PC I used an external USB hard drive (Toshiba 400GB). All went fine up until I connected the USB drive to the new PC and followed the on screen instructions. As to the user names and accounts. When it came to what disk drive I wanted the data migrated to the new PC screen had a list

C: drive to C:
drive to C: <- still copies to the drive containing the FACTORY IMAGE DRIVE on the new PC
E: drive to
F: drive to
G: drive to
J: drive to

After 10 minuets "WARNING the D drive is very low on disk space". Now the drive on the new PC has the FACTORY IMAGE size 9.3GB on a partition of 10GB.

Result, Factory image does not work any longer. And so far I am not able to get the "Windows Easy Transfer" wizard to the job right.

I need to keep the Windows ME running on the old system because the pre installed bundled software had Microsoft "Reference 2001" which creates ERP files. I have 6 years of research in those files and I need to run Windows ME to access them. I have tried to run it on windows XP and all I get is the missing dll's. I have been on the support and knowledge base web pages and down loaded the new dll but it still does no work on ME nor XP if the explorer is > version 5.

HAPPY DAYS are here no more!!

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