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Windows End of Life Support (MS Bandwagon)

By countupir ·
As MS roles out new versions of Windows I have been thinking 'how can these guys sell a new interface, complicate the functionality and require people to double and triple the hardware requirements so they can keep people on board with MS products?' The biggest problem I have is MS forcing people to upgrade by stopping the support for older products. So if you want a secure/stable OS then you need to follow MS with every version of Windows they put out, even when their systems are inherently insecure.

To start this discussion off I would like to briefly describe what I have noticed about different versions of Windows and hope people will add to my list or agree that most new versions of Windows have been useless and superficial.

Windows 9x = Useless and if Linux was where it is now back then we would all be using it today.

Windows 2000 = the entire reason I didn?t jump ship and go Linux all the way. Thank you for Windows 2000.
Pros: Stable-just about eliminated the BSOD. Better organized by implementing a directory structure to distinguish between different user files helped backing up and saving important files.
Cons: Still allows most programs to require admin rights to run.

Windows XP = useless improvements and a new flashy interface that doubled our hardware requirements.
Pros: Better USB support and SP2.
Cons: Still allows most programs to require admin rights to run. Doubled hardware requirements from Win2000. Runs wizards by default for every configuration. No ?Classic Mode? to be rid of flashy interface and configuration wizards.

Windows Vista = useless improvements by its release and didn?t make good on any projected improvements except strict driver signing in 64-bit edition.
Pros: Directory layout improved (shorter directory names too). Got rid of the ?My . . .? naming convention from early Windows daze. Cool but function-less Aero interface. Navigation with the Windows Explorer address bar. Even better USB support and new flashy icons (useless!). Broke most of the programs that require admin rights hence forcing programmers to write better programs that won?t make our OS vulnerable to all sorts of attacks and users who download ?free? software.
Cons: Doubled and tripled the hardware requirements again. Over complicated networking-Pick a zone: Home, Work or Public (Why?? Just firewall the connection like WinXP SP2)? Complicated the network browser even further (Just give us back the Network Neighborhood that worked in Win9 The UAC is not needed for every little thing I do especially if I am logged in as admin. The useless, flashy login page. Windows sidebar is a useless resource hog and shouldn?t be default (how about get rid of useless sidebar and install Telnet by default).

Those are the obvious changes that have been made over the years that I have consistently noticed. Most of the changes have been for no reason other than to impress teenagers. Keep in mind I am operating from a admin prospective and want functional efficiency and would like MS to work on functionality and less on wizard-like processes that are meant to cater to end-users/noobs/lamers.

My main contention is Windows 2000 was a great OS (add msconfig) and XP SP2 was a good improvement but put the benefits of XP SP2 on Windows 2000 because business doesn?t need the jelly icons. It doesn?t make Excel add columns faster.

Making the interface more attractive only appeals to people who don?t understand or concern themselves with efficiency. A similar statement can be made about the gaming industry as well which is why I can?t find a Wii anywhere!

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Windows End of Life Suppo ...

Making the interface more attractive only appeals to people who don?t understand or concern themselves with efficiency.

OK so you can work just voltages or with 001010001001001000100010010010010010010010011101001001001001001001001001001001001010010000101001 1001010010010 1010010101010101011001.... can you?

The interface was made more attractive to turn voltages to 00101001001 to something more useful for people to use.

Why do you want a Wii if you have this attitude - guess you don't really understand efficiency after all.

However - on an MS server, why cant I unload the GUI???
I will be able to (so it has been said , somewhere) on the next version of the MS Server.

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by toughguy000 In reply to Disagree

Can you just type out the word "Binary" instead of a useless phrase of (?"I$?$?I$?)??*?

Yes, some people can read Binary, and quite quickly. Is it useful? probably not to you, but it was to them in the past.


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Thats as bad as

by jackie40d In reply to ....

There was a programming language think its Cobal used for the CPA programs of long ago ! It was the reason the big worry about 2000 as it did not allow 4 places for the year in the original code only two . . Actually computers talk binary now any way all the time as there are only 2 ways a switch can be is off or on !
Jee that kinda dates me being that old almost like punch cards . .

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Missing the point much?

by countupir In reply to Disagree

If you think I said the GUI needs to go away you should point out where I said that. I didn't even come close to implying that the GUI concept is useless or I would have focused more on a Linux environment.

The main point that you didn't read was that Windows 2000 is Microsoft's last significant and effective improvement and they have mostly stopped supporting it. If you see a need to go from Window2000 to Windows XP to Vista then talk about what are the functional improvements. If you didn't read what I wrote clearly the first time you might not have much constructive to say and you might just end up getting flamed anyway so be careful.

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Windows 2000 forever, Vista never

by 706pbd In reply to Missing the point much?

This is exactly what I have been saying for a loooooong time. The ONLY reason my firm has migrated workstations to WinXP from W2K was to be able to throw the "3GB switch" for the CAD terminals (need more RAM for all the 3-D assembly models). Non-CAD computers still run W2K, not needing any of the useless BS that comes along with WinXP. And don't get me started on the effing Wireless Zero Configuration Service in WinXP.....

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W2K forever? Forever getting hacked!

by techrepublic In reply to Windows 2000 forever, Vis ...

Run just about any version of MetaSploit against a W2K box and you end up with local admin rights within two or three minutes.

Not much to rave about, now is it?

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Better than the more recent BLOATWARE from M$

by 706pbd In reply to W2K forever? Forever gett ...

Couldn't care less about some supposed exploit that MIGHT exist. WinXP and Vista are pure unadulterated bloatware crapola, both with a kiddified interface intended for g(L)amers. If forced to migrate, it'll be to Windows Server 2003, the only professional-level OS currently available from M$. There's a reason it still uses the Classic W2K GUI- there is no desire/need for a Loonie Tune (ooooh, the PRETTY colors....) interface in the business world. BTW, did you know that WinXPx64 is actually based on W2KIII, not WinXP? Even M$ wasn't about to try to revive that dead horse with a heart transplant....

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I was wondering about that

by jackie40d In reply to Better than the more rece ...

Some of the stuff I seen about it made me wonder if it was based on Win 2K and not a re make of XP . . As XP was a sorta ME thing patched and fixed til ? ? ?

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Not if you got a good firewall

by jackie40d In reply to W2K forever? Forever gett ...

I even had Microsoft people trying to hack my firewall or thats where the back trace went to
went right up their lines to their front door . . since I have gone to Broad Band I do not get hackers trying to hack me its like having a router out there in front of me !

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easy to crash WIN2000

by krryrankin In reply to Windows 2000 forever, Vis ...

All you got to do is at boot press the powerkey until off, then pwr back on.If the blue screen of death does not show . keep doing pwr on off...I killed a few

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