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Windows error unable to find resolution!!! HELP

By iam4u3 ·
i have a computer where it boots find owever, when i log into the GUI i then noticed that:
1. i cannot right click and get o task manager from the taskbar. i have to go till to thr right hand side to right click.
2. i noticed that my i.p address is
3. when i open the services console i only have 8 services running.
4. i am unable to see any network connections in my network connects.

>>>when i attemp tp start any servces i recieive this error :
could not start the application management service on local computer.
Error 193:0xC1

i am unable to also open help and support, unable to renew i.p address, unable to analyse defragmentation. when i open office receive several errors before i can do anything, i am unable to copy and paste.

it's like i don't have have any contro in the system. i have tried everything possible besides format or reinstalling. I cannot format this computer of make any such changes. this computer is responsible for thousands of plp and it's not a server without backups plus it has several programs that i cannot reinstall because there is no access to the installation files.
Windows XP SP3.

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System dead

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Windows error unable to f ...

I would strongly do a new install of Windows. You can boot from the Windows XP disk and install windows alongside the old installation without formatting it, then manually either install or move the application files and registry entries across.

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Good Option but

by iam4u3 In reply to System dead

Isn't there any other method to use without installing windows alongside the current installation?
Can this be resolved in the current installation?

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Repair install

by p.j.hutchison In reply to System dead

A Windows XP machine can only allow upto 10 concurrent connections, so its a poor choice for a server.

Anyway you can do a repair install or use the System Restore function, so that it will replace files in C:\Windows\System32.

To use System Restore, load the tool from Accessories, System Tools on the start menu.

Otherwise try a Repair install. See instructions here:

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by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Windows error unable to f ...

this computer is responsible for thousands of plp and it's not a server without backups



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by iam4u3 In reply to Eh...

its a new client of ours, there is a server but some clown installed the program on this computer instead.
the applications are very important that's why it's responsible for so many.

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Would said clown be you?

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to YUPS

Where is said clown now?

Nobody would install an app that requires thousands of connections on an XP PC as it can't cope with the numbers - that would have been realised from day 1.

I smell a rat.

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by Ron K. In reply to Windows error unable to f ...

Choose to enable all Services and all Startup items. What happens?

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Solution but now problems..

by iam4u3 In reply to Msconfig,

After friday we now know what has cause the problem. it was the major bust that mcafee released that was the problem.

now problem cant be fixed becuase we removed that AV becuase there was avg already. (well, the clown installed mcafee enterprise edition after avg, talkin about clowns).

so now im stranded and i wudnt have deleted it manually (couldn't uninstall because the installer service was not running)if my boss didnt say get it uninstalled. now im here monday morning and am greeted with a long convo about me uninstlling the application. ( it was get tisolved leonard,get it uninstalled i dont wanna havee mcafee there now i did it and im the devil, would you believe that). so now i have to solve the problem through some other means because the resolution given by mcafee requires the mecafee AV, and it not there. yeah..nicee..more trouble. talking about micromanagement.

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Possible solution.

by Ron K. In reply to Solution but now problems ...

I've done it before, reinstall the application then remove it right afterwards, without rebooting in between. If that won't work, install it all of the way, reboot, then remove it.

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Sysinternal's Autoruns

by Ron K. In reply to Solution but now problems ...

Download that from here: <br>
Go through everything in the long list and disable anything you can't positively identify via searching with Google. Disable, don't delete. It'll take awhile but you'll have a good idea of what's running on your computer.

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