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Windows Experience Index & Graphics Ratings

By seanknudsen ·
I recently upgraded a stock HP Pavilion desktop w/ a new processor, RAM and graphics card. It originally just had the onboard graphics, which I think was an ATI chipset on an Asus (built for HP) mobo. The original score on the WEI before the graphics upgrade was a 3.0, with the low scores being assigned to both the "Grahics" category, and also the "Gaming graphics" category. First off, what's the difference between the 2 categories? Ok, so anyway, I put in the new graphics card, which is an Asus NVIDIA GeForce 7200GS, with 256MB dedicated ram. Ok, so I was expecting the new WEI score to be like 4 or above, as all my other specs were in the 4.3-5.4 area. Well, my "Graphics" category went up to a 3.4, but my "Gaming graphics" score didn't change at all... it's still a 3.0, which makes my WEI a 3.0. Soooooo, I add a gaming graphics card, and WEI does recognize it's there, it is installed properly, and so WEI is telling me that I have no better performance than I had with the onboard graphics it came stock with...??? What's the deal???????!!!!!!! Anyone?

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