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    Windows Explorer current edition


    by garp2107 ·

    I have the current Internet Explorer. It somehow became corrupted. I tried to download it all over again. It would not let me unless I deleted the previous copy. I attempted to delete what I had on the computer. Not all of it would delete. Since I can not download again without the first being deleted, I have use of neither. This has raised havoc with my computer, making it almost useless. What should I do now?

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      by garp2107 ·

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      Deleted it from where????

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      Deleted? You should have tried to UNINSTALL it. It may be too late now, but try going to the control panel, add/remove programs, and see if you can uninstall IE7. Once the uninstall completes successfully (removes the registry entries), you should be able to run the reinstallation.

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        Internet Explorer

        by garp2107 ·

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        Ok, I was wrong on part of it. After a long day searching, I think I only had version five, BUT I also had version six and seven that had not actually opened up. I am not sure why, I am positive the Wizard ran showing me what to do. I think I have finally removed version seven and replaced it with version six. At the moment, I am not getting the Internet Explorer popups every thirty seconds or so that halt anything that I am working on. But I still have no Internet Explorer. There is not Internet Explorer in the add/remove programs. Do you have another possible game plan?

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      Ok this is going to get rid of IE7 from your system..

      by Anonymous ·

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      The best option of all is to do a restore:
      Start > programs > accessories > system tools > system restore. And select the advance option of where you can go back before this error came up.
      But once you do this you will have to put in your windows disk and do a repair.
      Do this:
      Start > run. Type in the box [regedit] and then press “enter”. When the box opens up go to “edit > find” and type in “internet explorer” then press enter. The registry will search and find any IE7 (or which ever one you have) and give you the option to remove it. But i must stress that if possible to download the new IE7 on another computer in Firefox so that you can re-install it after you have finished in the registry.

      There are a load of options here so the best is the restore option before you use the others.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      If all else fails…

      by nepenthe0 ·

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      Download and install IE7 from Microsoft:

      Rick/Portland, OR

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