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    windows explorer error code


    by denbruatwork ·

    I am helping a friend get their laptop back up after removing a virus. I had to delete the explorer file that did not have an extension as described in another post. This worked. but now when windows boots, I get an error code that says THE PATH ‘ -GO -C28 -W ‘ DOES NOT EXIST OR IS NOT A DIRECTORY. When I cancel this box everything seems to work right. Do I have a problem? How do I get fix this error code?
    Thanks in advance….

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      some executable trying to start

      by blerg ·

      In reply to windows explorer error code

      sounds not like an error code but some program trying to start and failing. Check all your startups for something unneeded or unfamiliar, in the registry and startup folder. Apparently the command line for the startup tries to pass the parameters -GO -C28 -W to the executable, but those switches don’t look familiar to me.

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