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Windows Explorer error message

By titeo ·
When I start the computer, a error message ran as follows: "Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconveniece." Then I clicked on "Send Error Report" and then "Close" on the "Error Reporting" window. This sequence kept occuring forever. I got into the Task Manager and end the process "Explorer.exe" the message did not come out anymore but the "Start" button and the Task Bar disappeared and I could not get into any application. Anyone has any idea what happens and how to fix that? I am using Windows XP Professional on a Dell Dimension 340, 512MB RAM, 40GB HD. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Windows Explorer error message

In short you would be better off with a clean install. If any one posts any answers that are better than this and you take it, in the end it will be faster to do a fresh install. If possible get another hdd and load Windows xp on to this then you will be able to access your other hdd (unless you have wiped the drive some how). I hope this helps you. Please get a backup hdd in the future then when you make mistakes you will be able to boot into your second hdd. Please post back if all goes well or not.

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Fresh install

by titeo In reply to Re: Windows Explorer erro ...

I can perform a fresh install but I have problem for backup, since the computer does not let me do anything now except for reboot and shutdown. No Startup menu or Task bar is displayed. I don't want to lose everything in my computer and fresh install seems to be a final option. Do you have another suggestion?

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Fresh install - to take backup

by vikaschablani In reply to Fresh install

to take backup, first open explorer.exe
1. press cnt+alt+del and open windows task manager.
2. file - new task (run).
3. type explorer.exe. u can see start bar.
4. press win-key+E to open window explorer.
5. take backup.

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Safe Mode

by IC-IT In reply to Windows Explorer error me ...

When you boot the computer, Tap the F8 key about every half second to get the menu options.
Choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt.
Once loaded try typing explorer.exe
If that loads correctly then you have something interferring with the explorer shell.
You may want to place your XP CD in the drive and type SFC /scannow.
You definately want to check for malware or virus.

If it fails to load from there then you will need to use a XP CD to boot to the recovery Console. Once loaded CD to the (XP CD) I386 folder.
expand explorer.ex_ C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exe
You may also want to try chkdsk /r
If errors are found and repaired, run it again.
Last option; if the Dell CDs allow a repair option this will not overwrite your non XP files.

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run chkdsk

by titeo In reply to Safe Mode

I ran chkdsk /r in command prompt window but it did not let me to. It came out with the message that the system is not available for running chkdsk!

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Ask about...

by IC-IT In reply to run chkdsk

running on restart. Then you must type a Y and restart the system for it to run.

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Try this

by retro77 In reply to Windows Explorer error me ...

When you get into Windows and Explorer craps out...push Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up task manager. Then click on new task and type in explorer.exe

That should bring Windows Explorer and your desktop back. Backup your stuff and start reloading Windows [format for best results]

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Still got error

by titeo In reply to Try this

I did as you advised but when windows explorer came back, the error message also came back. I think I have to reinstall windows XP.

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I have the same problem...

by ned2002 In reply to Still got error

I am dealing with the same error message... Did you find a solution?

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Check startip using AUTORUNS

by DaveDXB In reply to Windows Explorer error me ...

Make sure startup is clean.


google AUTORUNS...will help u view start up stuff. look into tab (logon)

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