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Windows Explorer gets slower & slower

By vteunissen ·
Basically I was attempting to re-organize "my documents" this weekend. Put things in directories and sub directories, move/copy paste/delete etc. The problem I am having though is that whether I am using "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer" to move stuff around, after a while, I get extreme lag and slowness when trying to open a directory/folder. It would slow down to like 30 seconds to open a sub directory. The more I was opening and closing files, the slower and slower it got. If I rebooted the puter, all was well and I could zip through opening and closing files and directories, but eventually it would get slower and slower again until a reboot was done.

Basic Info:
1) This problem has plagued me for a really long time so it is not something that has 'just' started happening. I know about a year and a half ago I was able to fix the problem, (it was a really simply solution too) but of course I didn't remember the resolution and I didn't write it down, so now I am stuck again. (grr)

2) Temp / cookies are all cleaned out and all sorts of virus / trojan / spyware scans come back ok.

3) Before when I originally tried researching this, I had attempted a disc defrag and scan disk and this did not resolve the problem

4) No programs running in the background (double-checked in start/run/msconfig/startup as well as my cntrl/alt/delete menu)

5) Resources were at 78% (I forgot to check after the extream lag started so let me know if you want this info)

6) The computer otherwise behaves normally. No lag on the internet and no problems with other programs.

7) I have 16 of 30 gigs of hard drive free
Operating System ~ Windows 98 SE (build 4.10.2222)

Processor ~ 1000 megahertz Intel Pentium III ~ 32 kilobyte primary memory cache ~ 256 kilobyte secondary memory cache. Main Circuit Board ~ Bus Clock: 133 megahertz Memory Modules ~ 256 Megabytes Installed Memory ~ Slot 'DIMM0' has 128 MB ~ Slot 'DIMM1' has 128 MB

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by stress junkie In reply to Windows Explorer gets slo ...

I think that the fact that the computer performs well
after a reboot and then slows down every time tells us
that there is a memory usage/page file issue. It's
possible that your page file is too small or is

Try this. Click on the 'My Computer' icon and select
'Properties'. Click on the 'Performace' tab. Check to see
if the page file size is set to expand or remain one size.
This is determined by looking to see if the page file size
initial size and maximum size are the same number.
They SHOULD be set to the same number. You could
try for 1000 MB as a start. You should do a disk defrag
before setting this.

You can also check to see if memory management is
set for deskop, laptop, server, whatever. Try desktop
first. Try server next.

In any case I think that this is the general area that
needs tweaking.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Windows Explorer gets slo ...

Hi there

I remember reading about a similar problem a while ago. Apparently, the My Documents folder can only take so much strain. If there are LOTS of files in the My Documents folder it can severely impact on performance. The article recommended placing as many files as possible in sub-folders (which you are doing). Maybe when you have finished re-organising, the machine will perk-up.

Also, as suggested above, ensure the swap file is large enough.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to

If you change the size of the swap file, I would make it at least 250MB - I found this to be the minimum size for comfortably running CAD and Office on a Win98SE machine with 32MB RAM.

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