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Windows explorer locks up

By jbeef86 ·
I have a machine at work running Windows Xp. Whenever the user goes into windows explorer it locks up after a couple of seconds. I close it then reopen it then it does it again. It locks up most of the time but sometimes it works like it is supposed to. The user loaded up Rhapsody recently and Creative Labs software for a Zen Vision. Ever since then its been running like this. Everything else works fine just Windows explorer has many lockups.

I have tried virus scans, spyware scans, adware scans. The recycle bin is empty as well.

Does anyone have any other suggestions to try out?


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Source of prob. may be ur installed programs.

by esequeira1 In reply to Windows explorer locks up

1 Try uninstalling the the programs one at a time. Check out the ie.
Try remove traces of the above programs from registry id possible.
2 If the prob. has been isolated with one of the two installed programs , try to work out the
the program bugs by getting associated updates wrt ur programs.

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Every time I've had problems with explorer

by DanLM In reply to Windows explorer locks up

I swear, if explorer locks up on me. Im having a problem with hardware. It seems that is where it shows up the quickest. Thankfully, it's never been a hard drive.
But, floopy biting the big one. CD reader finaly goes belly up. Shoot, lose cable.
Thats only my personal experience, but that is usualy the first place I look.


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IE Lockup

by mike In reply to Windows explorer locks up

A while ago I had serious issues with explorer locking up and spent countless hours / days trying to resolve it. I ran 2 terminal servers and I thought they were identiucal (it happened on one but not the other). I finally resolved to take up a microsoft incident and it appears there is a little unknown glitch that is associated with popup blockers. I am not sure but I think it may have been MSN or Yahoo or even Google, but after I removed the popup blocker, all was well. Hope this helps

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by Labidochromis In reply to Windows explorer locks up

before you try removing applications, try to turn off processes and non Microsoft services in msconfig. atleast this will give you some indication of what might be causing the problem. Also check for running processes with Hijack this. It is useful for more than just spyware.

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Windows Explorer Hangs Up and Hog's Resources

by ShortoW In reply to Windows explorer locks up

I am running Windows XP Pro on 3 Workgroup Machines and Windows Explorer has become very unstable. I think this problem occurred after one of the security updates was downloaded awhile back! Windows Explorer Windows will be running fine and then it will hang the system up and start using all the systems CPU resources. The Task Manager will report that the Explorer.exe is "not responding" sometimes; but the CPU Cycles will always be Hogged Up by the program! To "Clear the Hang" - The Explorer.exe process must be removed then restarted and/or the system must be Rebooted in order to restore the Windows Explorer back to normal. I have searched the Windows Support Websites and others for a solution to this Explorer.exe hang problem - to No Avail! ! ! Please Respond if anyone has a solution for this Problem - It's Driving Me Crazy!
Thanks - - - Shorto

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Possible solution...

by techrepublic In reply to Windows Explorer Hangs Up ...

I know this thread is dead, but in case someone comes across it, I believe the solution is here:

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Run System File Checker in Windows XP

by pwest In reply to Windows explorer locks up

If your not familiar with sfc.exe (System File Checker) I would highly recommend doing this.

Click on START/Run:
Enter sfc.exe c: /scannow

Make sure you have your Windows XP CD in the CD player though. This will look for corrupted or over-written Windows XP system files and restore them back from the Windows XP CD.

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cmd line

by ElCuervo In reply to Run System File Checker i ...

This is a good tool but it doesn't work like that for me. I begin with Start/Run, enter cmd and then run sfc from the command line. Try sfc /?, too.

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try this utility

by jdbales In reply to cmd line

I have come across the same issue on Win 2000 and Win XP systems. One thing I have noticed it happens more often when certain programs have been installed and/or when the profile gets large in MBs.

First I would create a new profile to use then download and install this utility "shexview.exe"
link "".
Run the utility and sort by type, disable "context menu" files. A easy way to disable them is to highlight & right click.

Give it a try & let me know if its works, other wise & can give you another suggestion.

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by dave In reply to try this utility

Thanks, worked like a charm. Damn, this suggestion is almost 5 years old.

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