Windows Explorer Search-get results in 'Detail' view

By TranMan ·
Anyone have any idea how to change the default view of the 'Search Results' folder to 'Details'?

I've tried all of the 'normal' stuff like navigating to another folder that's in detail view and told it to 'set every folder view like this one'.

Thinking there must be a registry setting...?

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One Way

by IC-IT In reply to Windows Explorer Search-g ...

Open the Search Window, change to detail view and use the red x to close the window. Now it should stay in detail view when opening.

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Thanks, bwilmot, but unfortunately, that doesn't work

by TranMan In reply to One Way

Mine just keeps reverting to the tiled view. Like I said, I tried all of the 'normal' stuff before posting.

Thanks for responding, though.

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Hmmm, Try this then

by IC-IT In reply to Thanks, bwilmot, but unfo ...

Go to the link for Kelly's Corner XP Tweaks.
Scroll down to #54, download the registry fix in the right column to "Save Settings on Exit".
Then open search and set the detail view.

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