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Windows Explorer slow or Freezes

By sohaibkhan77 ·
My toshiba laptop almost freezes or really slows down almost snail pace, when i open up explorer to look for files/folders if i open up two or three it starts to really drag. I have 1gb memory and yes i check CPU% which was at 3% and the system was using 300 mb. i have 45 gb space left on my system, and i updated my laptop as well on microsoft site but still if i open up more than three windows it just stops on me, without any errors showing up.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Windows Explorer slow or ...

scan for spyware
replace the file explorer.exe
replace the file iexplore.exe (only replace with a working one of the same service pack/OS)

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by zlitocook In reply to Windows Explorer slow or ...

Microsoft has alot of problems with iexplore, task manager and a few others. The last few updates are really messing with alot of computers. Do a Googl search on iexplore uses 100% cpu one of the links will take you to a MS forum with hundreds of people with the same kind of problems. MS has a few fixes but it is a on going problem.

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by sohaibkhan77 In reply to Windows Explorer slow or ...

Thanks for the help!

It's not my IE giving me problem, its the Explorer in windows giving me problems.

Replacing explorer with another hmm..looks risky i hope it doesn't crashes the system upon next reboot.

Has anyone tried this before ? and what are the risk element involved in tihs ..

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by Intel Inside Me In reply to Windows Explorer slow or ...

I would be say that your system has a virus or something, I had the same problem, I just reinstalled windows and it worked normal.

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Common problem in Windows XP

by ZRow1 In reply to Windows Explorer slow or ...

I had problems also when a laptop was not connected to our LAN. Try this;

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Windows is the problem...

by eat_shit In reply to Windows Explorer slow or ...

Do what I did. Dump Windows altogether. Who needs that bug-ridden piece of filth?

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