Windows Explorer will not run as a different user?

By Summores ·
I have both an admin account and user account on a domain. This is a freshly imaged computer, from an old image that all the other IT users are using. We are running Windows XP 32bit, sp3, all Microsoft updates.

When signed into my user account I cannot use the cmd prompt to run explorer.exe as admin. The same is still happening in the and vice versa. When signed into my admin account I cannot run explorer.exe as user. I don't really see a reason in the latter, but I just tried it to test it out.

Any ideas why I cannot run explorer.exe as admin? I'm not trying to run the explorer GUI, but more so Windows Explorer to navigate through system files.

I have also tried running Internet Explorer as admin and am getting an error of :

C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe

The directory name is invalid.

Other programs in the windows directory is still runnable as admin. Notepad, calculator, I can even run the cmd as admin. Looks to be an explorer issue as far as I can tell.

I have also tried my credentials from another computer and still run into the same issue. So it may not be a local issue, possibly within the permissions of my admin or user accounts?

Any assistance would be helpful, thanks!

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When you try to run explorer

by robo_dev In reply to Windows Explorer will not ...

does it give an error, or just do nothing?

Of course, that sounds very much like a malware issue, but if you just re-imaged it....

I would clear out any BHO items in IE. Browser objects can and do control the behavior of Windows Explorer (although technically they are not supposed to).

Do you use any explorer (shell) extensions? Some oddball utility programs like WinZip and Adobe Acrobat add shell extensions to Windows Explorer itself.

If you have any extra choices when you right-click on an object, then you have some shell extensions.

I would try removing/reinstalling any apps that add shell extensions.

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I've cleared out the BHOs and the only

by Summores In reply to When you try to run explo ...

shell extension I have is our anti virus software. Outside of that, it's still not working. Now I was able to get IE to run as admin by changing the start in directory to %windir%, but even if I type in c: in the IE browser it will open up windows explorer, but not as the admin. All I'm really trying to accomplish is running Windows Explorer as admin.

What permissions within a user/admin profile might block this from opening? Since it's happening across the network for me, I don't believe it's my system. Possible when they create my profile, they overlooked something.

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explorer.exe is the shell . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Windows Explorer will not ...

and therefore cannot be run as another user

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I think I'm confusing the word

by Summores In reply to explorer.exe is the shell ...

shell and GUI. I'm not trying to run the shell, I'm trying to run explorer as a window to use as an admin. Running a window as admin will allow me to access folders that we have secured from normal users, set security options for other folders, run programs as admin without having to always "right click>run as", basically allows me to do a lot of my work without having to have the user sign out of his session.

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Maybe this will help

by IC-IT In reply to I think I'm confusing the ...

I may not be clear on how you want to trigger the action, but this may help.

Create a shortcut.
When asked for the location use
explorer %1
name it as you like, deny local users security permissions.
Then do a Runas when you need it.

The %1 simply opens a new window.

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Sorry, still didn't work.

by Summores In reply to Maybe this will help

After I type in my credentials nothing comes up. No errors, no blank windows, nothing. The same happens when I right click>run as from the start menu>all programs>accessories>windows explorer.

Additional info:

When running the cmd prompt as a user, I just type in explorer and a blank explorer pops up. If I run cmd as an admin, no pop ups or errors.

If I run cmd as a user using the command:Runas /user:domain\adminaccount explorer. An addtional lines comes up prompting for password. Then a line of "Attempting to start explorer as user "domain\adminaccount"... Then nothing. Of course domain and adminaccount was replaced with correct credentials.

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problem is that there can only be one instance of Explorer.exe

by Who Am I Really In reply to Sorry, still didn't work.

if you open task manager and then open 500000 explorer windows there will still only be one Explorer.exe running

you can however use:
Run As:
> Administrator
with Internet Explorer to browse local Disks and network drives

just be sure to set the default homepage as about:blank first
then you can type C in the address bar
and access files that normal users are restricted from

after all windows is internet explorer especially in win2K / XP

Edit: Pic, additional info about IE,
- more IE info

if you use the path
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe
from the command prompt you must enclose it in quotes
C:\"Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplorer.exe"

as the command prompt still chokes on spaces

IE7 and IE8 are for vista / Win7 and the XP "versions" are backports to XP which are not fully compatible with XP
only IE6 works in this fashion
as IE7 and IE8 take another step away from total OS integration

I don't recommend anyone install IE7 or IE8 on XP but rather use another browser to surf and keep IE6 for XP

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The sounds like it should work. When ran

by Summores In reply to problem is that there can ...

as a normal user, as soon as I type in c and hit enter it opens up windows explorer in a new windows as expected. When ran through my admin account, no action is taken and I sit still at a blank screen.

I am on IE8 though as you mentioned it may not work properly. All workstations here at the office are on IE8, and I don't think we're going to downgrade 500+ computers just so I can get my admin privileges. I think I might have to disable/delete my admin account and start a new one from scratch and see if that works.

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IE7 & IE8 are supposed to do that

by Who Am I Really In reply to The sounds like it should ...

and it goes the other way also

if you enter a URL in the address bar of Windows Explorer on a system with IE6 it will not open IE rather it will navigate to the web

one of the complaints of IT to MS was that this was a security hole allowing users to bypass security restrictions placed by IT admins
thus with IE7 & up entering a URL in windows explorer will open the default browser

and entering a local drive letter and path in the IE address bar will open Windows Exploder

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Separate Windows Not Separate Processes

by dogknees In reply to The sounds like it should ...

Although you see several windows, generally there is only one explorer process running. This is why when Explorer crashes, the Start bar disappears.

By starting Explorer(for browsing files), you don't get a new process, just another window. One Process = One Account.

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