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windows fail to shot down!!!

By folafemiwa ·
Can sombody assist on why , if i shotdown my os will just remain ,showning windows is shotting down for hours it will not go off except i remove the notebook battery.

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re: shutdown

by gbrownlee In reply to windows fail to shot down ...

To begin with, your question is better off being posted in the Tech. Q&A. Also, you have not provided enough info, such as make and model and OS being used.

I recently worked on an Inspiron 5150 that had the identical problem. While there are many causes for this problem, in this case it was a faulty mobo.


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Update your BIOS and Notebook Brivers

by c.eltringham In reply to re: shutdown

You could send the unit back to the OEM, or save yourself time and update your BIOS, NIC drivers, chipset drivers, etc. When you are "current" then we can explore other remediation efforts.

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win 98 update

by justmakingit In reply to windows fail to shot down ...

If you are using windows 98 there is an update that you have to do to stop your system from hanging up... you should let us know what os and system you are using though.

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