Windows Fax Server and our .NET application Troubleshooting

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We're a web software development company having an issue with a fax server software solution we wrote for one specific client.

Our system is this ....

When logged into our web application, a client clicks to download and print a PDF fax cover sheet with a unique bar code and then faxes in documents behind the cover sheet.

At times they print multiple cover sheets and fax in multiple pages with multiple cover sheets (like 4 total pages; 1 cover sheet, 1 document, 1 cover sheet and 1 document in that order) we call this bulk faxing.

When faxed it goes to one phone number, which the phone company routes to 8 lines via VOIP and goes to 8 ports on our server that has a Multitech 8 port fax card. Its a windows server machine running "Windows fax server" software that receives the incoming fax and makes a call to our .NET 2.0 web application with a SQL 2000 database. Our application then reads the bar codes and routes the fax documents to the correct location.

The problem is this which happens 5% of the time ...

Each fax comes in on a specific port 1-8 depending on when it was received. First fax comes in on port 1 and so forth. For some unknown reason, a fax will come in and then fail midway through the faxing process. The error that is returned is as follows: ?Partially received fax - The remote fax machine did not respond in time, and the call was terminated?. The port that it was received on then becomes corrupted or busy, where it will not be able to receive any more incoming faxes on that port. Every subsequent faxes that land on that port will eventually time out. The error that is returned on any faxes on that port is as follows: ?The remote fax machine did not respond in time, and the call was terminated?.

Please help!

Thank you!

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to Windows Fax Server and ou ...

sounds like hardware.

your application is dedicated to this specific hardware and I suggest that you look into choosing something more dynamic to handle the process like GFI's faxmaker which will handle FOIP without any hardware requirements.

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