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    Windows File Protection Error


    by paul3 ·

    I continue to receive the following message on my PC:

    Files that are required for Windows to run prpoerly have been replaced by unrecognized versions. To maintain system stability,Windows must restore the original version of these files. Insert your Windows 2000 Professional CD now.

    I have try to updated and it takes it but I still get the same message.

    Thank You

    Paul W.

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      Windows file protection error

      by jakoben72 ·

      In reply to Windows File Protection Error

      try this;
      open command prompt type:
      sfc /scanonce
      restart your computer,when prompted put you operating cd in..good luck

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        still being prompted

        by shughes ·

        In reply to Windows file protection error

        I tried that fix (sfc /scanonce) and inserted the cd upon reboot. But I’m still being prompted upon every subsequent reboot for the cd.
        It seems to be spreading now too, as 4 PC’s on the network exhibit this behaviour within the past week. It has only started happening since the 2nd week on Jan./05. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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      Reply To: Windows File Protection Error

      by bobin.jose ·

      In reply to Windows File Protection Error

      i am facing the same problem. let me know how did u solve it .
      thank you

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      File Protection Error

      by marshall.williams ·

      In reply to Windows File Protection Error

      What’s the Fix? Thx

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        File Protection Error

        by postm@$ter ·

        In reply to File Protection Error

        I’m also experiencing the same problem. What is the fix? Did the crypto file work?

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      unable to correct

      by sarada_vml ·

      In reply to Windows File Protection Error

      i am unable to correct the error.
      please suggest me how to correct.

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