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Windows File Search crashes explorer, computer randomly Kernel crashes

By ymz1 ·
I started noticing the problem when I went to "Start" menu, "search", I want to search for a file. I click on "all files and folder", and everything up to this point is still ok. But as soon as I click in the box "all or part of the file name", there pops an error message that says windows explorer encountered a problem or some such and needs to close, and if I click on the error message button, then explorer crashes, my task bar disappears briefly, then reappears with some of the items gone. But if you leave the error message there, you can actually continue to enter the name of the file you want to search for, and the explorer will still search it for you. Only if you respond to the error message will it crash. In addition, sometimes my computer crashes in the middle of virus scan (using Mcafee) or spyware scan (Adaware, but only happens if you do full system spyware scan), leading to the blue screen saying some kernel thing is wrong. Moreover, I also get the buffer overflow thing when I use windows explorer sometimes, just looking in "My Documents" and my external hard drive. I think all these problems I am having come from a single cause, but I don't know what it is. I did windows debugging using that tool from microsoft, but I don't know how to interpret the results, it said driver fault, but not what driver. This problem is driving me insane. Please help, thanks very much.

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One thought...

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Windows File Search crash ...

I had a similar issue that ultimately turned out to be a faulty RAM chip.
Run a full memory test using MemTest86
It may take over four hours to complete the test.
Use the boot CD (or floppy disk) option to run it.

One other possibility would be a corrupt DLL, but determining which one will be a difficult task. You could try ProcessMon to show what process or file is actually failing.
You will need to start it immediately prior to duplicating the issue.

Other than that, if your memory test comes back A.O.K., a reinstall of Windows may be in order.

Good Luck.

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What version of windows are you running?

by frostbit_ak In reply to Windows File Search crash ...

What Operating system are you using? XP ?

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When your explorer.exe crashes

by endrik803 In reply to Windows File Search crash ...

When your explorer.exe crashes open windows task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) click on file and click on new task (Run...). Write explorer.exe
and press ok . It makes your explorer.exe process run.

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