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windows file transfer time calculation

By djansen ·
Does anyone know how the time remaining for tranfering files is calculated.

In especially a case when copy a folder 500 Meg from one partion to another, with small and larges files, the time goes up and down. Does it calculate it by using the current file size being transfered and estimate that all remaining files are that big?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to windows file transfer tim ...

It appears to work by measuring the current file that is being moved the larger the file the slower the transfer will be according to the timer which honestly is Pretty Useless other than as a general rough guide to the total time required for a complete transfer when the transfer starts. Once it's moved some files the timer becomes useless and I've seen it jump from 3 minutes to 365 minutes in one step and then the transfer is finished 35 minutes latter. Granted I'm moving several GIG of files around when this happens and they can range from a few K's in size to nearly 700 MEG but according to the timer the bigger the file that it is currently moving the longer the time required for the transfer to complete will be.


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