Windows Firewall and Add /Remove Programme

By rzwoo ·
Hi all,
I would like to disable the user from changing my windows firewall and not allow them to install any programme even remove. I know by using the user right can be doing this, but then i need so privilege of admin to run the programme. I have no choice to set them a admin right. So i hope can get your opinion on this...

Thanks for advanced

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Please provide more detail

by ComputerCookie In reply to Windows Firewall and Add ...

as to what OS and or workgroup/domain.

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Thanks for your reply

by rzwoo In reply to Please provide more detai ...

WIndows XP and is domain.

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You need to edit

by ComputerCookie In reply to Windows Firewall and Add ...

GPO, not simple you should ask another, more specific question. e.g policies can prevent access to add/remove programs, but it won't prevent a person installing a program via a CD/DVD!

MS allow the use of certain tools to lock down domains, however, the last time I looked the only legitimate use of these tools is if you were a not for profit/school/library. This may have changed with the latest version 'SteadyState' but I think that it works best with "Vista".

This software block attempts to install software, any drive you don't want accessible, any tranfers the active boot drive to a non accessible partioned disk space so that it can load an image each time it is booted.

The image can only be varied via window update and allowing a gateway extension to allow security program updates, however, if you're not using a supported program you will need to write/edit approprite scripts to enable this!

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