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Windows firewall turns off by itself - it's my only firewall

By info ·
This problem happened once before and it led to my totally reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling everything. That did NOT include any other software firewall. Windows firewall is turned on, but several times a day the balloon warning me that it is turned off pops up. If I click the balloon, it shows me that it really is turned off, but then it turns back on without my doing anything. Before the reformat, this escalated to where I had to turn it back on, and eventually it would not stay on regardless of what I did. I also get an occasional error message warning me that instructions at referenced memory location cannot be accessed because a particular memory location (i.e. OX65EFDB96) can't be read. This is my primary office computer and I need to get it happy. My operating system is WindowsXP media center edition fully updated w/ SP2. Help!

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I have the EXACT same problem...but no answers.

by zakisant In reply to Windows firewall turns of ...

If ANYONE out there has any answers....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...let's here them.

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Windows firewall is cr@p anyway - Get another one . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Windows firewall turns of ...

Try this link:


This is what most folk use, it's free and far better than the Windows firewall anyway.

If the Windows firewall turns on OR off it won't matter.

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Thank you...will try.

by zakisant In reply to Windows firewall is cr@p ...

However...do you have ANY idea why this happens?

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No idea - but it happens on my system too . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Thank you...will try.

It has done for as long as I can remember.

But once you have installed ZoneAlarm, whether Windows Firewall turns on or off or whatever, it doesn't matter anymore.

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Firewall Turns itself off

by kingsgully In reply to Windows firewall turns of ...

Seems a worm exists that carries Microsoft digital signature thus it escapes discovery by antivirus. Boot infection appears obvious but can be removed by running fixboot and fixmbr via installation of the recovery console. Browsers are hijacked and jump to urls other than what you requested. The worm adds a hidden autorun.inf to internal and external drives. It adds a long file name ending in .com to each drive. May add it also to recycler. Blue screen continuous reboots are inevitable.
I used ERD commander to delete all recyclers and system volume information folder after turning off system restore but it does not get rid of whatever this worm is. The system works fine after all above but redirects are still active to a lesser degree.

The simple solution is to have two hard drives. All documents and data being redirected to the second drive.
Initially, wipe all drives and pull out power plugs for one minute. Clean install all your software and Windows. Image the entire C drive and save image to D drive.

That is the only way I beat this bug.
If Windows gets hit agin, it is a five minute operation to put back a clean installation. Transfer rate runs average of One Gigabyte per minute.

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