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    Windows folder types template


    by hapecat ·

    When I open My Maxtor external HDD, the 1st window that opens is a window that is optimized for “Video Tasks”, in the left pane, instead of “File and Folder Tasks”.
    This causes a long lag, as if the HDD is not responding, when opening any of it’s sub-folders.

    In “properties” for that HDD (in My Computer) there is no provision to change the main folder template, like there is for the sub-folders.
    My Q:
    How do I change the main folder to open, optimized for “File and Folder Tasks”, in the left pane?
    OS: XP Pro SP2, all updates

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      by hapecat ·

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      by rkuhn040172 ·

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      Opening Windows Explorer (not IE) and then Tools, Folder Options, View, Restore Defaults, Apply.

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        RE: Windows folder types template

        by hapecat ·

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        I’ve tried that before, but it doesn’t change a thing.
        I’m still open to any suggestions.

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