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Windows freezes for a few seconds every few seconds.

By edward5brode ·
I'm having a problem with Windows XP freezing completely for a few seconds every few seconds and I am pretty sure it is the utility software that comes with the Trendnet tew-423pi WLAN card.

First of all, when installing the wireless utility, at the end of installation, there was a warning from Windows XP that the software was not compliant with the Windows logo standards.

"Big F***ing Deal" I thought, but it changed the look of XP back to the old style of dialog box for shutdown, but I didn't realize what had caused it because I hadn't shutdown the computer for days.

Re-boot helped for a while but not for more than an hour or two. I noticed that MetaTrader 4 was producing disconnect alarms at the same time as the freeze, so I began repairing my wireless connection each time which would cure the problem for another hour or more.

I downloaded and installed an updated version of the utility after un-installing the old version and removing the hardware in Device Manager. This restored the look and feel of the shutdown dialog, so it was definitely the cause of that, but the freezing is happening again.

Has anyone else encountered this truly bizarre behavior?


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